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Chef Jonny D's Manifesto
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Date:2009-09-20 00:49
Subject:What The Hell, I will post on LJ for fun. No One will respond though!

Since no one in my circle even uses this lame ass wanna be thing called LJ these days, this is a basic waste of time. But for the sake of curiosities, I will post.

Here is my post. Use facebook, easier to use, no stupid fucking LJ tags, has a chat feature, hosts pictures easier. LJ is dead, in case no one noticed.

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Date:2008-01-06 11:29
Subject:ha ha steeler fans, told you ben sucked

look at bens last two post season games.

the superbowl, completes 9 passes with 2 interceptions. and last night. 3 more interceptions and a game ending fumble.

the guy is right place right time. take away parker, ward, and miller, and he is mediocore. not a brett favre, peyton manning, or a tom brady. sorry, he isnt. told you so too!!!!!!!!!!

he is at best, another tommy maddox, kordell stewart, neil odonnell, or mike tomczack.

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Date:2006-12-15 01:15
Subject:GingerBread Lane 2006-2007

For those of you who still actually read and comment to my live journal, here are some pictures from this years GingerBread Lane, at a mall here in Pittsburgh, PA. Turned out well, for the second straight year I planned it on the fly, however, next year I am hopeful I can have the usual one year I like to have to plan it out, makes it go better, sometime in the spring I can work on Christmas trees and snowmen, the train can get done in the summer, things that take hours upon hours, and features that hold up well, etc.

Overall, the village went very well though. I was real happy with the end result, save the fact that it is almost time to think about the dismantling, New Years Day, and I cannot even imagine that day, I almost want to cry every year. But such is the ephemeral nature of doing a seasonal display. Did the usual suspects, Jackie's Sweet Shop, Cecil's Pies, Faye's Pierogies, Steve's Cobblers, and for the first time since 2003 I managed to do the Plum Pudding Hotel and The Hot Chocolate Brewery. As usual, the clock tower was AMAZING, and the windmill came out the best ever I think.

New Years day I will give away the houses, and that always goes great. Every year I tell the people send me an email of what the houses look like in your home, but noone ever does. Perhaps this is the year!!

A shot from the right, near where GumDrop Row is, my favorite part.

Nice arial shot, I love it from above.

Jackie's Sweet Shop

And the world famous Cinnamon and Nutmeg Railroad.

Here I am with the mall Santa, he was awesome really believes he is Santa. Told me the winter is so mild this year he has had the wheels down on the sleigh all month!

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Date:2006-09-26 22:15
Subject:clella colville, my great great aunt, passes away at 106, and i am so sad over it

my great great aunt, clella colville, died today at a nursing home at the age of 106. she was nicknamed dynamite for her youthful nature that she had up until 2 weeks ago. she regularly did walk a thons ( with her trusty walker of course ) up until this year, and was even planning on doing one more this fall, but alas will not be able to attend.

she also had her own house until 2003, only giving it up because her eyes had work done to them and was worried about being able to cook and clean, at 103. when i questioned her one time in 01 about being careful during flying ( after 9-11 ) she remarked to me that dying at 101 for any reason would not be a tragedy. i also told her on her 104th birthday party, that i attended, i hoped i had even half her energy when i was anywhere near close to that age, to which she told me i did not have half of it now!!

always one with wit, and a sharp nature, she was a treasure. she had not cracked the top 10 of oldest people alive, she was sitting somewhere near 12 at the time of her death, this afternoon. she truly was a remarkable person, and yesterday, before leaving kansas city, i called her phone number to say i was coming over to visit her at the retirement village she took up residence in back in 03, and they told me she was "not home today". i called a mutual friend of ours who took her dining every tuesday and shopping every thursday, and he advised me about 2 weeks ago she took ill all of the sudden, and had been moved to a nursing home, and had quit eating, and was not at all well. i got directions on how to get there, made seeing her my last official duty before leaving kc yesterday, and she was not herself at all. not talking and eyes not open. the attending nurse instructed me that she still understood, ( our last phone conversation 2 months ago we talked 10 minutes, and she was doing fine and we had a nice conversation ) so i leaned in and told her who i was, and asked her if she knew me, she said "uh-huh", and i told her that i wanted to say hi and that i loved her, and asked her if she understood me, and she said simply "uh-huh". she was half uncovered, with her top half of her body exposed, and after the nurse covered her back up, he had said to me that she was just hot. on my way out, i noticed her uncovered again, and said that she is comfortable that way, and had NOTHING to be ashamed of for looking that way.

tonite i got a call and said she had just passed away around 4:00. even though 106 years, 3 months shy of 107, was one hell of a great life, i could not fight back my tears, i could not quit crying. i know that she lead a great life, but i love her dearly and cannot quit thinking that i never again will get to talk to her. she was a great woman to know, and will be missed dearly.

this picture is of the two of us with clella at 105 years young.

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Date:2006-09-04 23:43
Subject:a big week coming up...........

a big early september week. i am putting together to take over a small restaurant south of pittsburgh, the owner has already committed to doing what i want, small things, changing to linens on the table, building a bar, new menu covers, allowing me to bring in a sous chef with me, and complete and total control of the menus, along with every other decision. further, running ads in the pittsburgh papers, and the local ones, with my picture, etc. he has already agreed to all of this, so, the business plan is nothing more then a formality, and to boot, he is one hell of a nice guy, so, i am looking forward to this. should be an early october start date. unlike the last 2 jobs i took, this one is going to have a good backing going in. i tried to do these things at my last 2 jobs, put myself in a place where i could get a nice food review, followed by a cookbook or two someday. this, should be the spot. thought the last 2 places would be also, however, i also knew going in i was trying to force their hand on it too. this place i am not forcing his hand at all.

secondly, i have an appointment at a local place this week with regards to hosting gingerbread lane 2006, and they are very intrested. i have had harder luck then ever in my career giving gingerbread lane away here in the burgh, last year, the childrens hospital took it, however, i have had a hell of a time since. so, i am hoping that i will strike gold this week, because i normally like to already be constructing houses by now. so, with any luck~~by the weekend gingerbread lane 2006 will be underway and my career goals will be accomplished.

as my new friend lizabelle would say..............................woot.

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Date:2006-07-22 11:39
Subject:the unexpected departure of my assistant chef

since i never ever update my live journal anymore, i do not expect anyone to comment. i am merely writing this in an attempt to get the broken hearted feeling to GO AWAY.

i came in this morning, and noticed my sous chef, which, means assistant chef, john, was not here. now, john is always in by 9, and it was almost 10. john, was my assistant chef at the omni hotel in richmond, virginia, and he moved up here with his family, his wife, and his children, to be my assistant chef again. we had a lot of fun together in virginia, respected each other immensely, and really looked forward to working together again. it was fun to have my best friend at my side for 2 more months, but, it was stressful for us both.

his wife hated it here, she was a real childish spoiled ghetto brat by the way, and could not stand being in pennsylvania. really hated it bad. john, every day, was stressed out and irritable, mainly, due to his shitty home life, but, the club has it's faults too. i think it was real stressful for john to work in an enviroment where he could not deal with the constant stress of people bitching, for no reason other then to bitch, and the stresses that go with that.

long story short, i came in this morning, and he was not here. i got on a golf cart, drove it over to his house, as, he lived in a house the club owns until he finds his own place, and it was empty. every single room had been emptied. john was nowhere to be found.

he was so stressed, in the middle of the night, he packed up, and left.

my heart is broken. luckily, i have the woman i love to get me through this. jackie, i am happy our marriage is not like that. i love you, and am thrilled i have you to get me through this.

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